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"She was one of the best Motivational speakeRs
I have ever met. "
Brett Schneider
Head Women's Basketball Coach at frank phillips college

Tia Banks did an amazing job speaking to our players on overcoming adversity and having the needed mindset to succeed as a student-athlete. It's apparent that Tia has a natural gift connecting with  young people. Her words were inspiring and she definately made an impact in our program, POLE POLE!

Coach Nicole Midder

Head Coach- Girls Basketball/Girls Track

ILTexas Woodhaven K8

My student-athletes had the opportunity of hearing Tia Banks speak for the first time ever. She came in
and impacted the crowd immediately. She carefully crafted her speech to tailor to the needs of my
athletes and their battles of anxiety, depression, and social media influences. What my students enjoyed
most was how she was really relatable. The students were positively impacted by her motivational
music album and were drawn to several key words and phrases she mentioned throughout her speaking
time. Not only were the kids motivated but the teachers and coaches that were present were also
encouraged. One specifically stated to me “man, I needed that for myself.” Another coach mentioned to
our principal how he would like for her to return and speak again in the near future. Tia was prepared
and remained on schedule. More importantly, this was an act of service for her as she filled up the
student-athletes in our inner-city community who typically don’t receive these types of opportunities.
This was a complete success and we really appreciated Tia’s time and positive energy. We look forward
to seeing her again in the near future.

Rhonda jackson

"Tia came and spoke to all our women's athletics program about mental health and really empowered them with resources to manage things like anxiety and depression. Tia's talk was Amazing!"

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