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Tia Banks: Leading Voice in Resilience and Mental Health

Meet Tia Banks, an award-winning motivational speaker, certified resilience expert, and renowned mountaineer. Tia has dedicated her life to helping students and educators harness the power of resilience to transform their schools, tackle mental health challenges like anxiety and depression, and achieve lasting success.


Adventurous Spirit Beyond the stage, Tia is a former professional athlete and an avid mountain climber, currently pursuing her goal of conquering all seven volcanic summits across the globe. Her adventurous spirit and pursuit of excellence reflect the same principles she teaches—resilience, leadership, and unwavering determination.


Empowering Schools and Communities:
  • Transformative Educational Programs: Tia Banks adds immense value to education through her Mind Over Mountains national school tour, impacting 100,000 students and educators by sharing her story of summiting the world's highest free-standing mountain. Her "Pole Pole" motto helps schools enhance their culture and overcome adversity.

  • Expert Leadership and Resilience Training: With over 15 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, Tia Banks offers schools certified expertise in resilience and psychological leadership, empowering educational institutions to thrive amid challenges.

  • Community and Student Engagement: As a board leader and mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and President of Next Level Speakers Academy Dallas chapter, Tia continually fosters positive change. Her volunteer work as a player development and mental performance coach for student athletes further demonstrates her commitment to empowering the next generation

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