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Schools across the nation demand Tia Banks because she is fluent with the approach, interrelations, and societal changes necessary to build lasting rapport with students.


Tia’s distinct perspective, along with her authentic delivery, also allows for her to connect effortlessly with educators, administrators, and support staff; providing proven strategies for success. Tia is a mental health speaker who understands the challenges that students encounter and handcrafts presentations that promote a positive learning environment and stimulate life changes.

Tia is known to motivate and captivate any room or stage

With a high-dose of energy, impactful message and often using spoken word, she also incorporates practical, yet effective strategies, into her student presentations to help them establish and attain life goals. Tia Bank’s ultimate desire in life is to guide every student that she encounters to the top of their mountain,  so they can plant their flag on the summit, and live a life of purpose! 

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