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to encourage, inspire, and motivate


Tia Banks is currently ranked amongst the Top 20, through Speaker Slam, which is North America's largest Inspirational Speaker Competition and a mission-driven Development Agency.

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Head Track & Field Coach at Crandall High School

"Tia came and spoke to my group of young female athletes 2 years in an row.  She was just what they needed.  She brought a message and tips to motivate them.  Her delivery was very well thought out and each athlete was able to relate to her message.  We will definitely be asking her back"

Speakers Slam Judge

"Tia has one of the best oratory skills I've seen so far working for Speaker Slam. Her eloquence, her charisma, her body language, her passion, her confidence are on an incredibly high level and that allows her to share her powerful message in an extremely powerful way. She grabbed my attention from the very beginning and the level of her skills as a speaker never let my attention go. 


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